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Afar-logoAFAR magazine

The Last Straw: How the Travel Industry is Phasing Out Plastic   2018    Businesses across the travel industry agree: It’s time to rethink plastic.

An Oyster Lover’s Guide to Ireland        2017       There are 18,000 bags in the waters of Ballinakill Bay, home to Connemara Oysters, a farm that started offering tours in 2017.

A Winemaker’s Map of Piemonte      2017      Michele Chiarlo — the acclaimed winemaker who has witnessed 61 vintages — shares his picks for where to eat, drink, wander, and taste Piedmont’s famed white truffles.

The Late Night Secrets Ireland’s Pubs Don’t Want You to Know About        2016       Detailing the cheeky, illegal, but somewhat common tradition of the lock-in.

A Rare Peek Inside Basque Country’s Members-Only Gastronomic Societies      2016      A glimpse behind the doors of these clubs that celebrate food, community, and conversation.

How to Take an Italian Road Trip      2015      A European road trip isn’t all rainbows and blissfully open roads — but it can be, with a little planning.

What I Learned During the Honey Harvest in Portland       2015      Drizzled on fried chicken. A final flourish to a peanut butter and banana sandwich. A next-level glaze on meats. Once I got the beekeepers of Bee Local talking about their favorite uses for honey, there seemed to be no end to its potential.

A Slice of Life: Ireland’s Classic Brown Bread       2014     Fresh from the oven, sliced thick, slathered in salted Irish butter, brown bread soothes with its unfussy nourishment.

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nytlogoThe New York Times

In The Home of Guinness, a Cocktail Boom Takes Hold   2019   Dublin has long been a beer and whiskey town. For generations pubs poured the same pints of stout and familiar bottles of whiskey, but in recent years a shift has shaken the local drinking scene. A new type of bar — focused on craft cocktails and often showcasing the mixing potential of Irish spirits — is steadily gaining popularity.

In Piemonte, Raising a Glass with Less Fuss       2018      Wine shops with a handful of tables — informal places that locals frequent for lunch or a bite before a late dinner — now have shelves that are packed with the region’s best wines at retail prices, not the pronounced markup found in many restaurants.

Will U.S. Withdrawal from Unesco Affect Heritage Sites?        2018       The World Heritage program, which began in 1972, includes a list of 1,073 sites “that are of outstanding universal value to humanity,” and should therefore “be protected for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.” What will happen if the U.S. withdraws?

Keeping the Fire of Irish Lighthouses Alive    2016     Connections to my Irish family normally provide a reason to visit obscure graveyards and quiet country towns not on most guidebook maps, but for this trip, two lighthouses in County Mayo and County Donegal would guide the way.

In Portland, A Warm Embrace of Tango     2016      One look with sustained eye contact (“cabeceo”) was a mutual agreement to dance. Within moments of arrival, dancers were locked in a cheek-to-cheek embrace, gliding to the music.

In George V Show, Benson Meets the Beatles    2014    “I got the call late at night in London,” Mr. Benson said during an interview in New York. “They wanted me to go to Paris in the morning with the Beatles.”

A Dublin Neighborhood Pushes Its Boundaries     2013     The cobbled quarter of Temple Bar has long maintained its tourist-destination status with overpriced pints of Guinness and a reputation for wild bachelor parties. While these traits endure, entrepreneurs have begun to reclaim the historic streets flanking the south side of the River Liffey.



The Oyster Poachers of Connemara     2017      In Ireland, few things are black and white, especially the law — and the tales of men who break it to dive for treasure under the cover of darkness.


The Daily Beast

Don’t Even Think of Going to Ireland in Winter (I’ll Keep it All to Myself)           2019            I’m happy to keep the many pleasures of winter—a glass of hot whiskey by a fragrant peat-burning fire, a bowl of seafood chowder after a blustery walk—all to myself.

It’s Still a Big World: Augusta, Georgia       2019      I set out to experience the pace of Augusta once the caviar and Champagne were finished and the dust of the Masters Tournament settled. What did the locals get up to when the tournament was over and the crowds went home?


Bon Appetitba_logo

When to Order the Chicken?     2016      The perfect chicken dish requires time, attention, and care. Could it be that chicken is the true test of a restaurant’s caliber, a symbol of the pride of a kitchen?

What Does Dave Matthews Eat for Breakfast?      2014      In this My Morning Routine column Dave Matthews details how he kickstarts his day.

Feast of the Seven Fishes Advice    2013    For those of us that began the heart of the Christmas season scrubbing mussels or stuffing clams while still in our pajamas, it is a beloved tradition, garlic-scented fingers and all.

Know Your Butcher    2013     You may already request pork chops cut 2 inches thick or prefer your lamb rib roast Frenched—but that isn’t all the mighty butcher can do with his (or, ever more frequently, her) cleaver.

How to Take Your Oyster Slurping to the Next Level     2013  Many of us share a love for oysters, washing the briny bivalves down with a glass of champagne or pint of stout. But how many of us sink our teeth into the oyster meat, chewing to release the flavor? Do we even know what we like when it comes to oysters?   



Brown Bread is the Spine of Ireland      2017      How a breakfast obsession evolved into an any time of day cure-all.


ft-logoFinancial Times

Spirited Away: Mezcal at the Source      2016      Cocktails were my introduction to mezcal, and it only took a handful of mezcal negronis and mezcal old-fashioneds before I booked a ticket to Oaxaca. I wanted to see how mezcal is made, to smell the smoke, to taste this spirit hot off the still.


Conde Nast Traveler

Real Balsamic is Rarer Than You Think       2017       In a corner of Italy, aromatic attics are full of barrels where balsamic vinegar ages over decades.

The Best Salt in the World Comes from Wales       2017      The first step in making Halen Mon’s exceptional sea salt is to follow the seahorses.


BBC Travel

The Secret to Uncertainty      2018

Dublin’s Chilly Tradition      2012


world-hum-logo-4World Hum

Hands Like Shovels     2013     In the far western reaches of Ireland, an exploration on how another country mourns their dead.

Catching the Gist    2012    How to communicate when you don’t speak the language? In Italy, fumbling towards an answer.


toronto-star-logoToronto Star

Long Live the Greeks      2012     How do the Greeks live such long, healthy lives? What are the secrets to weight control and living to a ripe old age? While I was interested to see all the work that goes into a single bottle of olive oil, my real curiosity was about the Greeks themselves.

Getting My Hands Dirty in Deutschland    2011    I kept following the scent, hoping it would grow stronger. Towards the village, it began to intensify, saturating my nostrils. I couldn’t identify the unfamiliar scent, but its luster drew me straight to an open door.


chron-logoSan Francisco Chronicle

Danish Word Hyggeligt Defies Translation     2013     “The fish have to swim,” I’m instructed as a glass of schnapps is placed in my hand. It’s lunchtime in Copenhagen, and apparently the fish atop rye bread I just gobbled down need to “swim”. So I must drink.

 Ireland Surprise: Skinny Dipping in the Ocean     2012     Of all the tall tales told that rainy afternoon, the story of the swimming holes lingered. Who would be crazy enough to get into the water? And in Ireland — a heavily Catholic country known for modesty — who exactly is stripping down for a dip in full view of the public?


f&w-logoFood & Wine

Best Chili in the US      2013       Chili has so many regional iterations, and each version comes with its own cult following. Is it best with beef or chicken? Green chiles or red? Vegetarian or bean-free Texas-style?


New York magazine

Taste Cartagena’s New Culinary Wave    2013    link

Go Artisanal in Bristol, Rhode Island    2013      link

Slurp Oysters on Virginia’s Eastern Shore    2013     link

See the Contemporary Side of Dublin     2011     link



A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cafayate, Argentina     2017

How to Do the Galapagos Now      2016

Ben Jacobsen’s Guide to Portland, Oregon   2016

Where the Chefs Love to Eat  2014

New York Cocktail Bars    2013

Stellar Hotel Wine Programs     2013


Palm Springs Life

Tastes Like the Desert    2019    Where the American cook, television personality, and cookbook author once lived and entertained, the not-for-profit James Beard Foundation now regularly invites chefs to visit, cook, collaborate, and share ideas through dinner parties that are open to the public.


Wall Street Journal Magazine

Pairings That Pop      2014       Creative champagne pairings from fried chicken to onion rings to ice cream sundaes.


Worth magazine

Atlanta as a National Culinary Destination        2016


cnn-travel-logoCNN Travel

Decadent Hotel Breakfasts    2013



These Brothers Are Trying to Revolutionize Irish Whiskey        2016


b inspired (Brussels Airlines in flight magazine)

Bites Out in the Big Apple     2017      An anti-restaurant guide to New York City featuring markets, food halls, hybrid shops, and more.

What Does It Take to Make a Sweet Go Viral?       2016       A profile of Sugarfina co-founder Rosie O’Neill, who created a luxury candy store for grown-ups.


Tasting Table

Stock Tips   2014     An Investigation into Veal Stock

The New Age of Bolognese    2014    The classic Italian meat sauce gets a cheffy revamp.


Blackboard Eats



Conrad magazine

The Look of the Irish    2016


Postcards Magazine

Cruising in Alaska   2014    PDF

Europe is Calling: What to Do in 2015    2014     PDF

On Dry Land   2014      PDF

Rock the Kasbah   2013      PDF

On the Adriatic Waterfront   2013   PDF

City Stay: Oslo    2013   PDF

Three for All: Ireland, Scotland, and Wales    2012       PDF

Island Hopping in Hawaii   2012     PDF

Amalfi Coast: the Ultimate Roadside Attraction   2011    PDF

City Spotlight: Dublin   2011    PDF



Where to Go For Afternoon Tea in Dublin     2016

5 Reasons to Go to Cartagena Now   2013

Daniel Boulud Talks Travel, Toronto, and Why NYC is Home  2013

Virginia is for Oysters: Kayaking, Wine, and Oysters on the Eastern Shore    2012

Food Lover’s Tour of Sicily    2012

Traveling to Greece in Harvest Season    2012

Splurge vs. Save Dublin     2012



Letting Life Unfold    2015


Clean Plates Restaurant Reviews

2012 Manhattan and 2012 Brooklyn Guides

The Meatball Shop   PDF

Burger Guru   PDF

Applewood   PDF

Convivium Osteria   PDF

Simple Cafe    PDF