A Winemaker’s Map of Piemonte (AFAR), A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cafayate (Departures), and The New York City Anti-Restaurant Guide (b.Inspired)

A few favorites from the first quarter of 2017: How to Do Piedmont Like an Italian Winemaker (AFAR) When I ask Michele Chiarlo about cooking with white truffles, the corners of his lips rise into a smile and he leans back deeply in his chair, daydreaming. “Perfection is simple,” he says. “Two eggs, fried, tartufi bianchi on top.” He pauses as if deep in a powerful taste memory and continues, “Or maybe the best is over fresh tagliatelle. Or risotto. Can all three be the best?” A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cafayate, Argentina (Departures) The road to Cafayate has one lane…

Favorites from 2014

In 2014 I traveled to Peru and Tokyo, Portland and Sonoma, Ireland and New Orleans. Here are some of my favorite stories from a wonderful year. Hot out of the Irish Oven, from AFAR magazine Where to Eat and Drink in Sonoma County NOW, from Fodors.com My Morning Routine: What Does Dave Matthews Eat for Breakfast? from Bon Appetit Harry Benson and The Beatles, from the New York Times Sharing the Strand with Seamus, from Travel Bites Deep The New Age of Bolognese, from Tasting Table Where the Bartenders Drink, from Departures Cruising in Alaska, from Postcards  

Best American Travel Writing 2013

On Monday I was on the phone with a colleague of mine who had received an early copy of the Best American Travel Writing 2013, edited by Elizabeth Gilbert, out this week. She turned to the back of the book, listing Notable Travel Writing of 2012, and told me the good news: a story of mine, “Catching the Gist”, published on World Hum, was selected for inclusion. This list of notable stories features many writers I admire from Frank Bures to Lisa Abend to Lawrence Osborne. I’m thrilled to be included. Get your copy here.