The Secret of Uncertainty (BBC Travel), An Oyster Lover’s Guide to Ireland (AFAR), Rafting in the Grand Canyon (New York Times)

A couple favorites from late 2017 and early 2018:

How an Italian Town Changed Me (BBC Travel): Everywhere I went, I walked in her footsteps. She stepped on these same stones, past the Roman-era thermal baths, beyond the church, to the 15th-Century castle in the heart of the town. When I pictured her, she was no longer the white-haired octogenarian I knew from my childhood, but a 25-year-old newlywed with her whole life ahead of her. In the first days of my honeymoon, I travelled to the region of Abruzzo in central Italy to retrace the same steps my great-grandmother Filomena walked after her own nuptials, almost 100 years earlier.

An Oyster Lover’s Guide to Ireland (AFAR): Among the many signs you can expect to see while driving on a country road in the west of Ireland are those for Sunday roasts at pubs and for farm fresh eggs. But during a trip to Connemara this past summer, I encountered an unusual sign in the village of Letterfrack. It read: Fresh oysters! Farm tasting this way. I needed to follow that sign. Rich and briny, oysters are one of my favorite tastes in Ireland. Multiple other signs led beyond the village and down a bumpy unpaved lane toward the sea. The road ended in front of a stone building overlooking Ballinakill Bay. This lone structure is Connemara Oysters, an oyster farm that opened for tours in June 2017.

If You Want to Raft the Grand Canyon, Be Prepared to Sign Up in Advance (New York Times): Travelers interested in rafting the Grand Canyon may need to begin planning their trip sooner than ever before. Outfitters say they are experiencing an unprecedented demand for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, including a lengthy wait list for popular departure dates in June and July.