A Winemaker’s Map of Piemonte (AFAR), A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cafayate (Departures), and The New York City Anti-Restaurant Guide (b.Inspired)

A few favorites from the first quarter of 2017:

How to Do Piedmont Like an Italian Winemaker (AFAR) When I ask Michele Chiarlo about cooking with white truffles, the corners of his lips rise into a smile and he leans back deeply in his chair, daydreaming. “Perfection is simple,” he says. “Two eggs, fried, tartufi bianchi on top.” He pauses as if deep in a powerful taste memory and continues, “Or maybe the best is over fresh tagliatelle. Or risotto. Can all three be the best?”

A Wine Lover’s Guide to Cafayate, Argentina (Departures) The road to Cafayate has one lane in each direction, with a dusty shoulder for pulling over when the mountain landscape demands a stop. Whimsical red rock formations, frequently compared to the Grand Canyon, line the winding road that leads from the airport in the provincial capital city of Salta to the town of Cafayate and its surrounding wine country.

Bites Out in the Big Apple (b inspired – Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine) Restaurants are no longer the only place to find dynamite food in New York City. This in-flight magazine feature explores upscale food halls, hybrid shops, outdoor markets, and apps that connect hungry visitors with locals throwing dinner parties.