A Trail of Lighthouses in Ireland (NYT), Mezcal at the Source (FT), and Chicken Advice (Bon Appetit)

A few favorites from fall 2016.

Keeping the Fire of Irish Lighthouses Alive (New York Times) A narrative story exploring Ireland’s coastline with lighthouses guiding the way. These historic landmarks now host hotels and self-catering apartments, offering a glimpse into the life of a lighthouse keeper.

Mezcal at the Source (Financial Times): In the hills of Oaxaca, I visited a mezcal distillery to witness an agave roast and taste the smoky spirit at the source.

When to Order the Chicken? (Bon Appetit): An exceptional roasted chicken at Raoul’s in SoHo inspires an investigation into how chicken has evolved in restaurants.

The Porchetta Queen (Travel Bites Deep): A post from my blog about the Italian town with a piazza known for its porchetta.