Brown Bread, the Beatles, and the Best Literary Haunts in Dublin

I’m sharing some recent work while sitting on my fire escape on a sunny summer morning.

Recently I’ve written about some of my favorite things — Irish brown bread, photography,  and literary haunts in Dublin — for AFAR magazine, the New York Times, and

Hot Out of the Irish Oven — AFAR magazine Aug/Sept 2014 — Fresh from the oven, thickly sliced, slathered in salted Irish butter, brown bread soothes you with its unfussy nourishment.

In George V Show, Benson Meets the Beatles — New York Times — Fifty years after the photojournalist Harry Benson captured the band in the middle of a pillow fight on film in 1964, the photographs will be exhibited in the hotel where they were shot.

Top 10 Dublin Spots with a Literary History — — Walk into any classic pub in Dublin and there’s one thing you won’t hear: a television. This is intentional—pubs are for drinking and talking, not for staring at screens. It’s this environment that has made (and continues to make) Dublin’s public houses prime hubs for the literaty set.

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