New Fall Work: Travora, BBC Travel, Inside F&B

This fall–between a trip to the Irish countryside and attending the New York City Wine and Food Festival–new writing has been published in a variety of online outlets.

A new piece called Dublin’s Chilly Tradition was published in October in BBC Travel. This article exposes how weather doesn’t stop the Irish–they will swim in the Irish Sea all year long–and how many locals use a “reward system” such as a flask of hot whiskey as a reward for an invigorating swim.

One highlight of the New York City Wine and Food Festival was attending a trade talk where industry insiders discussed whether restaurants today require the services of PR. I covered the event for Inside F&B with a story called Who Needs PR? Industry Insiders Weigh In. Eric Ripert sang the praises of his PR firm who help him “tell the story of who we are and what we do”.

A new travel site called Travora launched this month as well. This visually-driven site dedicated to traveling smart has gathered a wonderful team of local experts from around the globe. I’ve written several articles for them on Dublin, including pieces on Dublin’s Hidden Culinary Scene, neighborhood spotlights including Georges Street and South William Street and Smithfield. The articles all have an inside perspective, providing details on my favorite things to do in Dublin that you won’t find in a typical guidebook. For a little exercise, take a walk along Dublin’s Great South Wall. For a unique place to stay that is full of character, check out Behind the Gate at 31 Leeson Close.

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