How the Irish Skinny Dip

Bathing spot at Vico Road

This weekend’s travel section in the San Francisco Chronicle featured an article called The Paler Side to Irish Love of Sea Swims.

The pale side mentioned in the title is the sun-starved backsides (or bums) of locals who follow in the footsteps of local tradition and drop their trowsers before swimming in the Irish Sea.

This is a tradition I found fascinating while living in Dublin, and many a sunny weekend afternoon I found myself at the Forty Foot or Vico Road to experience it for myself (though admittedly, I never threw off my clothes and jumped in for a dunk).

To find out more about this surprising Dublin tradition, check out the full text of my article.


“Don’t be surprised to see some bums.”

He smacked the half-empty pint on the Guinness-marinated bar top, and continued: “Rain or shine, they launch themselves into the sea. Go along, see for yourself.”

Photo Credit: Ronan Dillon, me&him&you

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