Luxury: Greek Style in Costa Navarino

There is a lot written about luxury, yet much of it ignores the luxury of time.

It is a rare destination that allows us as travelers to find the sweet spot between the mindless beach vacation and the action-packed getaway that blows by too quickly, leaving us more tired than when we first left home. One destination that slides into this category for me is Costa Navarino in the southwest Peloponnese in Greece.

A new article, ‘Luxury: Greek Style in Costa Navarino‘ was just published from Luxury Travel Magazine. While I featured all the incredible amenities of the hotel, I also tried to highlight elements of that sweet spot that so many travelers crave — the place between too much and too little.

Here’s a little preview of the article:

One particularly sunny day during my visit to Costa Navarino, I sampled these [Costa Navarino Icons] products over a picnic under the shade of an olive tree. Cracking open a bottle of cold white wine, nibbling on local cheeses and traditional spinach pie, spanakopita, I savored one of life’s greatest luxuries: time. For all there is to do and see and learn in Costa Navarino, this is also a destination that delivers the essence of the Greek way of life, one filled with good company, laughter, and plates and glasses that are always more than half full. 

Check out the full article to find out how Costa Navarino strikes the right balance.

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