New Clean Plates Restaurant Reviews

Figuring out where to eat in New York can be a full time job. The job becomes even more challenging if you’re conscious about where ingredients are sourced and what kind of meat you’re putting in your body. 

This is where Clean Plates comes in. This handy little guidebook — it can fit easily in a coat pocket — offers pithy reviews of restaurants that are approved for being both healthy and delicious. Every restaurant in the book is Clean Plates approved, easing the agony of choosing a guilt-free restaurant for dinner.

The 2012 Manhattan and Brooklyn guides are hot off the presses. Check them out here.

I’m thrilled to be a contributor to both guides. A few sample reviews can be found online.

The Meatball Shop: The Meatball Shop’s delicious food and whimsical atmosphere reminded me that sometimes it’s perfectly delightful to play with my food.

Friedman’s Lunch: Rarely does the philosophy of economics make its way into a restaurant — but then again, Friedman’s Lunch isn’t your average restaurant.

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